Own Your Marketing Workshop

Do You Own Your Marketing?

Most businesses outsource at least part of their marketing, but you should still own your marketing program. Do you own yours?

Since 2008, Marketing Consultant Brianna Grantham, PhD (she/her) has worked with businesses at every stage from startups to multinational corporations. The single most common problem she has seen in businesses of every size is lack of ownership of their marketing program.

This interactive workshop will cover the high-level categories your business should know how to access, as well as include an AMA (ask me anything) with Dr. Grantham so you have a chance to ask about concerns specific to your business–no matter the size or stage of your business.

When: Join us Thursday, October 21, 2021 from 11am to 12:30pm PT (2-3:30pm ET).

Where: Virtual Workshop!

Cost: $149 (ask about discounts for multiple seats!)

What Will Happen

  1. What It Means to Own Your Marketing: How to and why you should own your marketing program–even if you outsource all of it.
  2. Overview of systems, categories, and marketing pieces your business likely has and how to determine if you own them.
  3. Hands-on review: Use the Do You Own Your Marketing? checklist
  4. AMA Session with Dr. Brianna Granthamcome prepared with questions!

What You Get

"The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have."

Padmasree Warrior
CEO & Founder | Fable

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Who Should Attend This Workshop

  • You're a business owner.
  • You find marketing overwhelming and confusing.
  • You're not sure where, how, or by whom your marketing happens.
  • You know you should and want to better understand your marketing.
Oct. 21

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