Coaching Curriculum

Program Topics

The 12-month Group Coaching Program for Business Owners will cover the following topics, including how to enact or implement them in coachees’ businesses, the importance and application of each, and accountability for each coachee for follow-through.

Coachees will learn how each topic impacts their business, set relevant goals and action plans, and apply guidance from their Coach in order to successfully implement their plans and changes.

Each topic in the curriculum has four aspects to tie it into the Learn, Understand, Implement, Grow model: Coaching, Tools, Workshop, and My Marketing University.

  • Marketing Audit

  • Marketing Plan & Strategy

  • MarTech Stack

  • Metrics & KPIs

  • Building Your Team

  • Website 

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Review & Reputation Management

My Marketing Coach Tools Workshop My Marketing University
In-depth review and coaching on a topic as it relates to Group Members' businesses
Templates, guides, and/or toolkits related to the topic for practical implementation
Hands-on activities designed to tie together new knowledge and implementation
Additional learning, resources, and on-demand workshops

Coaching Session Structure

  • Coach will check in with each coachee on the current project/topic
  • Coachees will both share and listen to their peers
  • Coach will provide guidance and recommendations, then open the floor to peer feedback
  • Coach will present the focus for the session, paired with an exercise, discussion, or tool as relevant
  • Coach will ask coachees to reflect on how the topic applies to their business, including challenges, successes, and concerns
  • Coachees will share goals, listen, and invite feedback from each other and the Coach on their intentions
  • Coach will close by reminding coachees of their individual action plans and tasks for the next two weeks

All Coaching Programs include:

Coaching Meets Consulting

We’ve designed a Group Coaching model to blend together the benefits of a Mastermind group, one-on-one coaching, and consulting. Coachees will benefit not only from the expert knowledge and insight of their Coach, but also from their peers’ feedback and experiences. Above all, Group Coaching presents the opportunity for mutual learning.

Coaching vs. Consulting

What's the difference between coaching and consulting? We see the biggest difference in the relationship power dynamic.

Consulting relationships give the bulk of the power to the consultant as the expert.

Coaching places the power back in the hands of the coachee as the expert on their own business.

Founder Brianna J. Grantham, PhD

Meet Your Coach: Brianna J. Grantham, PhD

Dr. Grantham has been working in marketing and sales roles for nearly two decades. Since establishing BJG Consulting, LLC in 2008, she’s served as an executive marketing consultant for a range of businesses across the US and Canada.

Sales & Marketing

She cut her sales chops young as a Field Sales Representative for Vector Marketing, selling Cutco cutlery and kitchenware. As a Field Sales Rep, she cultivated her leads independently and worked exclusively on personal referrals. She earned both a Bronze Oscar award and the All American Scholarship for exceeding $35,000 in annual sales and was a member of the President’s Club.

Dr. Grantham also worked in retail sales and management, commercial electricity sales (B2B) in deregulated markets, educational tourism for school groups, RFP proposal writing, SaaS, and hardware technology.

Education & Teaching

Dr. Grantham has been teaching since she was a teenager, but her CV boasts time both as an elementary school Spanish teacher and university English professor. During her career as an educator, she piloted online learning platforms, trained other professors on new technology and tools, and published on the importance of matching teaching methodology to student’s diverse backgrounds and needs.

Dr. Grantham is also a published author in multiple genres, including journalism, fiction, academia, and creative nonfiction.

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Solo Member

Perfect for Solopreneurs, Business Owners, and Leaders wanting to gain a better understanding and ownership of their marketing.

More than a Coaching Program

Your Solo membership includes biweekly group coaching with a cohort of other business professionals, live workshops, on-demand workshops, courses, and all the templates, guides, and tools you'll need to understand and manage your marketing.
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Power Duo

Perfect for business owners with a team or a marketing partner. Understand and implement better marketing--together.

More than a Coaching Program

Your Power Duo membership includes biweekly group coaching for 2 people with a cohort of other business professionals, live workshops, on-demand workshops, courses, and all the templates, guides, and tools you’ll need to understand and manage your marketing.
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