About Group Coaching

Values-Based Marketing for Business Owners takes a new approach to marketing, coaching, and consulting. This 12-month program will:

  1. Build your knowledge and understanding of marketing as a business owner;
  2. Teach you the fundamentals of marketing as a business owner;
  3. Guide you through essential marketing tools so you have actionable goals and plans;
  4. Empower you to implement values-based marketing in your business.

Our Coaching programs consist of three parts: Group Coaching, Workshops, and My Marketing University.

Group Coaching (three people look over a laptop together)

So What Does Coaching Look Like?

Your cohort (up to 10 members) will meet biweekly with your coach. Your coach will assign you tasks and activities to complete before coaching sessions, and it’s important both for your success and the progress of the group that you invest your best efforts in these activities.

During coaching sessions, the coach will focus on a specific marketing concept, challenge, or element and guide you to identify how best to integrate it into your business. As a group, you will explore the challenges to your business and you as a business owner in order to hone in on pain points and how to resolve them.

Really, these are hybrid coaching-consulting sessions: you are the expert on your business and the coach is the expert on marketing. 

Coaching vs. Consulting

What's the difference between coaching and consulting? We see the biggest difference in the relationship power dynamic.

Consulting relationships give the bulk of the power to the consultant as the expert.

Coaching places the power back in the hands of the coachee as the expert on their own business.

Why Coaching?

Humans learn best from other humans.

Similarly, we’re inspired by dialogue—not monologue with ourselves!

Group coaching with other business owners allows for broader perspectives, experiences, and input. The group structure also provides an element of accountability a one-on-one relationship with a consultant or coach can’t provide.

A supportive community is also important for business owners’ success and well-being.

"The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first."

Iyanla Vanzant | Author & Life Coach

Beyond Coaching or Consulting

Live Workshops

Each month, you’ll have the chance to participate in live (virtual) workshops focused on a practical topic. While you will not be required to attend workshops, they are your expanded opportunity to deep dive into the topic.

Each workshop will be tied to a specific marketing element or document, such as building your marketing strategy. As part of the workshop, you’ll be able to ask questions, hear from experts, and work on your own marketing in real-time.

Live workshops are included in your coaching program. If you cannot attend, you will still have access to any core tools or documents, as well as the recorded workshop.

My Marketing University

The third element of the coaching program is My Marketing University, your home for marketing templates, guides, toolkits, courses, ebooks, and more.

You don’t need an MBA or even a BA in Marketing to run an effective marketing program for your business, but you do need the right tools and support. You will find everything you need to document, build, and implement your marketing program.

My Marketing University is included in your program and you’ll have access to the resource library of templates and guides for an additional year after you complete this program!

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